The Last Position Paper on Dworkin:

There are two questions.

1) Dworkin is critical of legal positivism. A) Explain his basic critique of legal positivism; B) explain Dworkin’s theory law as interpretation and what he means when he says that the law is thoroughly political. Your answer should define, explain, and illustrate all the technical terms required to understand Dworkin’s theory of the law. (worth 70% — about 10% for part A and 90% for part B. The paper should be as long as you need and no longer. You have written two of these now and so you can use your judgement based upon your experience.)

2) Dworkin argues that the law is based upon principles that are themselves rooted in human dignity. Given what was said about the nature of ethics, morality, and politics: do you think that Dworkin’s theory could be expanded to include non-human life forms? If so, how would you argue for this based on what has been said about Dworkin’s philosophy. If not, why not? And that “Human Dignity” is necessarily “human” is not a good argument. (worth 30% — there is no right or wrong answer: you need to be creative and argue for a position using the basic elements of Dworkin’s theory.)

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