Read the follow article and answer the subsequent questions.

Horan, S. M., & Booth-Butterfield, M. (2013). Understanding the routine expression of deceptive affection in romantic relationships. Communication Quarterly, 61(2), 195-216.


After thoroughly reading the following article, answer the questions below. Address/answer each question with a substantial paragraph.

According to Horan and Booth-Butterfield’s (2013) research article, what is the differences between “feelings of affection” and “communicating affection” (see p. 196).

The authors of this article argue that deceptive affection can occur in one of two ways. What are the two ways that individuals illustrate deceptive affection? (see p. 197).

According to Affection Exchange Theory, as cited by the authors, why do individuals express inauthentic affectionate messages? (see p. 198).

The authors discuss that “display rules” may predict deceptive affectionate expressions. What is their explanation about display rules? (see p. 198).

Identify THREE of the research questions posed by the researchers. What are the answers to these questions based on the data obtained in the study? (see results and discussion).
Discuss the “method” that the authors used to seek answers to their research questions. (see. P. 200).

How many participants were in the final sample? (list both men and women p. 201).
What was the average dating period of the participants? (see p. 201).

Research question 2b found that verbal deceptive affectionate messages (DAMs) can fall into two categories; confirming responses of affection and avoidant responses. What are the differences between these two categories? (see p. 207 and p. 208).

After reading the “implications” of the research, do you feel that successful routine expression of deceptive messages is characteristic of a “competent” communicator? (see p. 211).

Overall, what are your impression of this article/topic?

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