Although the early settlers migrated to this country, the influx of immigrants is often seen as threatening. Explain what fueled this sentiment then and fuels it now. What was the anti-immigrant rhetoric then, and what is it now? Refer to the Social Work Speaks text and media as well as any outside research. How does the NASW Policy Statement on Immigrants and Refugees (See Social Work Speaks) advocate for and support the rights of these populations?

Describe the various forms and mechanisms of oppression and discrimination (for example, race, religion, disabilities, gender orientation, or socioeconomic status).
Communicate professionally in writing.

Social Work Speaks: National Association of Social Workers Policy Statements 2018—2019

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A Time of Reform

The pre-Civil War era was a time of reform. Describe and explain the people who led these reform movements, and why. Whom or what were they trying to reform?

Also within this period, children were both valued and devalued. Share your view of how children are valued and devalued today, supporting your claims with scholarly references and professional experience.

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