Answer the following questions in essay form. Be sure to have some brief introduction where you note what you will be arguing and a brief conclusion where you summarize your main points. Answer the questions as fully as possible but do not include information and ideas that are not directly relevant to your answer.

What does it mean when Aristotle claims that humans are ‘political animals’? Why, according to him, are we destined to live in political communities? In what way is the household different from the city? Who does Aristotle consider to be citizens of the city?

For Hobbes, why do we live in political communities? For him, what are the values that we seek through our political associations? Should we be afraid of the state? Is it good that people are afraid of the state and obedient to its commands? Are there any doubts, for Hobbes, regarding what the best way to live together is?

What are the key differences between Hobbes’ and Aristotle’s understanding of politics? Do we have a political life today according to Hobbes’ understanding? Do we have one according to Aristotle’s? If, for Aristotle, being human means having politics are we fully human in this society or have we retreated into the non-human/animal side of our nature? If you had the choice, would you rather live in a society that embodies Aristotle’s understanding of politics or Hobbes’?

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