You are required to write a short report (4 pages, double-spaced, APA format) applying the concept of sociological imagination to the topic of

PAPER TOPIC: The housing crisis and homelessness. How can the concept of the sociological imagination be useful in analyzing the problem of homelessness?

Essentially, you are going to demonstrate your comprehension of the concept of sociological imagination.

b. Paper requirements:

In your paper, be sure to

Directly quote two sentences from “The Promise” that are most effective in explaining the concept of the sociological imagination and carefully explain each statement.

Carefully choose the two best statements by Mills that you think are helpful in explaining the concept. You must quote exactly two sentences, no more or no less. And “you will provide in-text citations like this” (Mills, 1959, p.1).

If you need to cite more ideas by Mills, paraphrase them like this (Mills 1959).

Discuss how an analysis using the sociological imagination explains the topic of your choice differently from ‘common’ explanations that only use an individualistic perspective.

Elaborate on your points in an organized manner.

Cite at least two outside sources:

Locate a news article on the internet that relates to the reading of your choice.

The news report must be dated between July 2019 to July 2020. No other times are accepted. The report should describe a real event that you can use as an example of the topic you selected.

The news report must come from a major trustworthy journalistic source (e.g., The New York Times, The Guardian, Associated Press News, etc.). Be sure to assess its legitimacy and neutrality. If possible, find multiple reports on the same news to corroborate.

If you find a news entry in a social media outlet, trace it to the original source.

Avoid opinion pieces, blogs, or so-called fake news.

c. Format:

Please follow legitimate guidelines for style (APA). Style guides are readily available at the library and on the internet.

You do not need “author note.” Delete it.

You also do not need “footnotes,” “figures” and “tables” Delete them all.

The paper must be typed, double-spaced, and use a 12-point font in Times New Roman.

The minimum length should be 4 pages, not including a title page, an abstract page, and reference pages. The paper should be no more than 10 pages. Meeting the minimum page requirement does not guarantee full points.

Please make sure that your paper is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

‘Corrupt’ file papers will not be accepted.

Text Submission is NOT accepted. Please upload a file (either Word or PDF).

d. Some important points to remember:

Your title is very important. Don’t just say “Final Paper,” or even “COVID-19.” The title should actually tell the reader what you’re writing about. It should be more descriptive.

An abstract is required. An abstract is a short summary of your paper. A common mistake is to use your abstract as an introduction. They are two different components. The abstract should not be longer than 250 words. By reading your abstract, the reader should be able to tell everything important about your paper.

Your introduction is very important. In some ways, it’s more important than the main body of your paper. This is where you introduce your paper. Be sure to do so by introducing the problem (a theory + example) that you’re going to analyze. At the end of your introduction, be sure to explain your thesis fully. Even more than reading your title and abstract, the reader should be able to tell pretty much everything that your paper is going to do in a concise manner from your introduction and its thesis. That means you should also talk about what your main argument is and your plan as to how to make that happen in your paper.

This is NOT an opinion paper and your discussion/analysis should not be based on a psychological, religious, political, or moral argument. Keep your paper sociological.

Be careful in making statements that are speculative, value judgmental, and nonscientific (untestable, unknowable) in nature. Ask yourself: How do I know this? Can I support this idea? Similarly, try not to be moralistic, religious, or preaching.

NO late papers will be accepted. Exceptions can only be made for a legitimate reason and with verifying documents. Start early and anticipate any problems you might encounter (save your work often, be aware of your schedule, etc.).

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