Instruction: Answer all questions

Throughout the History of the Caribbean the Europeans implemented different systems of

production which resulted in the oppression of the people.

  1. Explain how the Caribbean people were oppressed under the following systems of


  • Encomienda
  • Indentureship (16mks.)
  1. Outline four responses to the oppression experienced by the people of the Caribbean

over the last four hundred years. (8mks.)

  1. The Plantation system has had a profound impact on the Caribbean society.

Using examples, explain the following concepts as they relate to the plantation system

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Social Stratification
  • Hybridisation. (15mks)

3.Explain TWO (2) factors that encouraged the British to grant independence to the English-speaking Caribbean territories in the 20th Century. ( 8mks )

Referencing: APA Format (3 marks)


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