Make sure that your answer has:

an introduction where you state your main thesis clearly; (8 points)

a middle section for developing and supporting (with examples, evidence) your main thesis; (12 points)

a conclusion summarizing your main points and restating your thesis. (5 points)

Write clearly,

do not generalize;

and be specific and conscious of historical periods, places and events;

be mindful of grammar, spelling and typos,

USE QUOTES from readings and sources to support your arguments- and CITE THEM.

Why do we call the Caribbean a gateway to and the beginning of the Global era? How was the world changed after the Europeans arrived to the Caribbean and conquered and settled in the Western Hemisphere?

Explain the different groups that existed in the French colony of Saint Domingue before a civil war and a slave revolt turned into a revolution. What did each group want? Why did the former Black slaves eventually fight for the French Revolution? Why did they eventually declare independence from France and created Haiti as a republic with racial equality? Why was this a truly a revolutionary act?

The colonial empires created by Europeans in the Americas led to the implementaton of caste systems. Discuss the one discussed in class. How the system in general was based on White Supremacy and White Privilege. And specifically, describe how the system is a perfect example of white privilege in the French Colony of Saint Domingue

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