You are asked to write an individual essay based on your own individual research about one of the ten topics below:

Global Energy Perspective 2019
Five ways that ESG creates value
The road to seamless urban mobility
Reimagining mobility
Peak energy, peak oil, and the rise of renewables: An executive’s guide to the global energy system
More than values: The value-based sustainability reporting that investors want
Second-life EV batteries: The newest value pool in energy storage
The decoupling of GDP and energy growth: A CEO guide
The future of food: Meatless?
How residential energy storage could help support the power grid
Develop a research question or argument, support your argument with research, and provide a conclusion.

Note that you need a title page, an abstract, introduction, the body of the paper, a conclusion, page numbers, reference list, appendices if applicable and comply with APA requirements for double-spacing, in-text citations, referencing, font size (12 Times New Roman), figures and tables (if applicable). Please use headings to help separate your sections. You should have a minimum of 6 pages excluding title page, references or appendices.You need a minimum of 5 academic references – ideally, they are peer-reviewed journal articles or academic textbooks (do not use Wikipedia, Investopedia, or Slideshare documents as part of your references). You may use other additional industrial sources as long as the minimum 5 academic references are provided.

Note that every point that you make or refer in your paper needs to be supported by an in-text citation in proper APA formatting (this includes proper paraphrasing, use of quotation marks, etc.). Failure to do so means that the point is not valid and in the case of improper formatting, you may be penalized up to an Academic Misconduct based on the severity of the infraction. The Turnitin tool is made available for you to use (submit your paper before the due date and review its content to ensure that proper citing, quoting and paraphrasing has been done).

As this is a research-based essay, you should make sure that you support all your claims and that you structure the essay according to the format shown in the rubric. Use course material as appropriate, do research through the Library and always refer back to the primary source for your reference and in-text citations.


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