1. Explain what disturbance theory means and give 3 examples, at least one that has impacted you directly.

2. Where do most people in the World live, and why do they live there? Be very specific and use examples to show your reasoning.

3, Explain the relationship between Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen cycles in creating life on Earth. How are you connected to these? Use an example when you can.

4. Describe the general (global) distribution of the biosphere over land and water. Where is it strongest (densest) and weakest (thinnest)? What are the environmental conditions associated with dense and thin zones, and is the distribution of the biosphere affected much by human action? Write a 1 to 2 paragraph response.

5. Write a one-paragraph explanation of plant productivity. Use at least 2 of the following Key Terms and Concepts.
-food chains
– food web
– energy flow
– respiration.

6. Explain the concept of Anthropocentrism.

7. Choose one of the Frontiers of human settlement (Wet Tropics, cold lands…etc.) and write one page, 2 to 3 paragraphs, explanation of its characteristics and human dispersion throughout it, (or not) as the case may be. Use terms and concepts, words, and phrases and highlight them.

8. Explain the relationship between the rise of Agriculture and the spread of Human Population.

9. What will become of the Age Structure of The United state of America after 10 years after the COVID-19 Pandemic? This i9s a critical thinking exercise where you do some research and then speculate but with reasoning all the way through. You may find a graph on line 5o show this and use it with proper attribution.

10. What do you believe are the population trends that will define our future. Use examples from the book and in your own experience, and from other sources as you wish to make your points.


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