In order to write a paragraph, you’ll need a topic. You will need to brainstorm to find one. This activity will be worth 10 points.

Start with a timed brainstorming exercise. Take a blank sheet of paper and set up a clock, watch, or timer. Take 60 seconds and write down as many facts, images, events, or quotes as possible about tense or dangerous Cold War events.
When you are done, breathe deeply, then look over your notes. Which of the things you identified is most powerful? Which were experienced by the most people?
Use those as the subject of your practice activity on the height of the Cold War.

You will turn in your brainstorming exercise and your completed paragraph.

Write a paragraph explaining what event you feel was the height of the Cold War and why. Your paragraph should use evidence to analyze the effect of the Cold War on life in America. This will be worth 20 points.

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