This paper deals with the concept of gender socialization –the processes by which certain people and experiences teach us what it is to be a girl or boy, woman or man. reflect on this concept and compare it to your personal experiences from your formative years. state the “rules” of gender and how well you back them up with some rich, vivid details.

describe at least two different agents of socialization–that is, family, school, peers, coworkers, media influences, etc. that you think were the most important influences shaping your idea of appropriate gender roles. What exactly did each of these agents teach you about gender? Be as specific as possible.
describe the ways in which they taught you these lessons. Did they explicitly tell you, “here’s how to act like a girl/boy/woman/man?” or were there more subtle cues you just sort of “picked up on”?
describe your reactions–do you think you ended up conforming to the roles you were taught? Why or why not?
conclude with your thoughts for the future…Do you think you will teach your children the same gender roles you were taught? What do you think would be good messages to spread to young girls and boys, women and men in the future?

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