This paper is designed to help you think about how you, as a nurse, can prevent a disease or
promote health within a specific patient population. Design strategies for health
promotion/primary prevention that will reach a group of people or a community (e.g. students; pregnant women in a certain borough, etc.).

Three pages (excluding references) that includes:

I. Significance of health problem to health status
1. Implications of age, gender, ethnicity if appropriate
2. Incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, cost implications
3. Identify a population of focus – be specific

II. Strategies for health promotion/primary prevention
1. Health teaching principles (readiness to learn, subject relevance, reading level,
learner engagement, etc.)
2. Health teaching approaches (content ouline, time frame, setting, format)

III. Variables impacting health promotion/primary prevention goal attainment
relevant to health problem (cultural, legal, psycho-socio-economic, family variables)
IV. Organization, grammar, spelling, APA style of writing,
must have a minimum of three references (at least 2 current journal references.)

The topic will be on Primary Prevention with Pneumonia in Adults

The similarity should not exceed more than 20% from one source. To avoid high similarities result, be very careful about quotes and using other people’s material. Avoid the overuse of direct quotations, especially long ones. Paraphrasing is usually more efficient and makes it easier to avoid extraneous details.

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