Deliverable for Part Four: Bio-Critical Essay with Slide Presentation

The essay will be a bio-critical, evaluative review of an author, (Anne Spencer).

You are writing a professional essay for a savvy, academic audience, not an encyclopedia or wiki entry for generic consumption. So, you should write using your unique, well-informed voice as an authority on this author.

The essay must be organized and prepared as follows:

Introduction, stating your topic and reason for reviewing this chosen author and ending with your one-sentence thesis statement.

•Body paragraphs (3-4)

1.a summary of the author’s personal life and literary life (who they are as a writer)

2.a discussion of the author’s style, which may include how they use genre, language, symbolic meaning, and how they draw from their particular social/historical context, and what their impact was on the literary period

3.a discussion of three of the author’s major works and themes

•Conclusion, summarizing the main points of your paper and reminding readers of the overall importance (the so what?) of the essay’s argument (thesis)

•Citation and MLA format: Secondary sources are integrated through paraphrase or quotation. Sources are correctly cited both in-text and on the separate Works Cited page. Sources are appropriately used to support your statements and ideas. Do not let them speak for you; do not rely too heavily on other people’s words.

•Writing and Style: Sentence structure is syntactically correct. Standard conventions of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and mechanics are followed.

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