Emergency management communications involve sharing information with the community through proper and appropriate uses of media outlets. Relationships between media outlets and emergency managers sometimes are strained and full of conflict. With this in mind it is important for emergency managers to always be cognizant of their constituents and how they deliver information to different groups. A message delivered to one group could have different meanings for other groups. How partnerships are formed between emergency managers and media outlets may ensure that the right information is disseminated to the right people during a time of crisis.

Consider the primary role of media outlets (e.g., radio, television, newspaper) in emergency management and disaster response. Think about the challenges of working with media outlets for emergency management and disaster response and how you might address these challenges.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a brief description of the type of media outlet you selected and explain the role it plays in emergency management and disaster response. Then, explain at least two challenges related to working with this media outlet in emergency management and disaster response. Finally, explain how an emergency manager might address each challenge.

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