Words 2500

References 12 or more

Address the following topic:

“The scope of Federal Criminal Law does not significantly exceed the governance of state laws or the jurisdiction of state agencies and thus is for the most part inefficient and ineffective in combatting crime within Australia.” Critically analyse this statement, providing examples to support your arguments.

The essay should address the following

  • A brief outline of the division of state and federal responsibilities (as set out in S. 51 Cth constitution)
  • Overlap in federal and state crime and federal/ state agencies (such as Federal police and Victoria Police Or the crimes where federal and state agencies overlap.
  • Examples of inefficiencies and concerns raised by such overlap.
  • Operation of S. 109 of the constitution where it is intended that Cth law would cover the field
  • Potential reform (the common modern trend of “multi-agency taskforces” involving both federal and state agencies).

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