Mendelian Genetics Assignment

Matching Use the choices (A-V) below to complete questions 1-12.  Choose the BEST answer to complete the statements.

A. tt

B. Tt

C. Heterozygous

D. Dd x dd

E. Dd x Dd

F. DD x dd

G. Genotype

H. Blue

I. Red

J. Purple

K. Both Red and Blue

L. Epistasis

M. Co-dominance

N. Incomplete Dominance


O. Sex X linked

P. Type A

Q. Type B

R. Type AB

S. Type O

T. Homozygous

U. Phenotype






Entire Word or Phrase … Normal case

1.                                                   is an example of a Mendelian Parental Cross.



2. Individuals with two of the same alleles for a trait are                                    for that trait.


3. All the F1 individuals are                                                    for the trait being studied.



4. What an organism looks like is their                                             .



5. Individuals with different alleles for a single trait are called                                     .



6. All the alleles in an individual make up their                                                        .



7. In a test cross for a Tall (T) individual, you should cross it with a            individual.



8. Both alleles are fully expressed for a trait whose alleles show                                     .


9 9. An individual with blood type O cannot have children with


blood type(s).  Include all which apply.


10 10. Men are cannot be carriers of                                                     traits.


11 11.  Flower color in roses is incompletely dominant.  A cross of a red rose and a blue


rose will create a                                           rose.


12 12.  What blood type(s) (phenotype only)  are possible for the children of someone who has type AB blood.  Choose all which are possible




  1. List the gametes a TtGg individual will create.
  2. G is green while g is white. List the cross which will guarantee 50% Green and 50% white progeny.  Explain your answer
  3. T is tall while t is short. Which genotype guarantees all tall offspring and why?
  4. Explain the difference between incomplete dominance and co-dominance.


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