Topic;the atomic bombing and its significance in history

Include a title page with your real name, student number, date, course number, course
instructor’s name
12-point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch (2.54 cm) margins
Page numbers in upper-right hand corner
Combine all parts of this assignment in a single .doc/.docx file
Together, total package will be a cover page of 1-2 pages and one proposal of 1200~1500
exclusive of bibliography, appendices, graphics, photos, timelines, etc.
Revised cover letter (5 points)
Maximum 2 single-spaced pages
Addressed to the right person(s)
Stylistic conventions met (date, address, salutations, etc.)
You may use a pseudonym
You may create “institutional” letterhead
Significance of project stressed
A good “hook” – do you make me interested in reading more?
Is the project/proposal believable?
Proposal (25 points)
Double-spaced, 12-point font
References: Use footnotes and a bibliography in Chicago (CMS)/Turabian style. Footnotes
must include exact/precise page number(s) of your sources.
You may use sub-headings if necessary
If necessary, appendix, charts, maps, etc. come after proposal’s text but before
1. Centrepiece of your project
Description of your commemoration project
Demonstration of significance and value to local/national/global heritage
Layout, graphics, photos, maps, personal narratives, etc., as applicable
2. Research
Demonstration of knowledge of topic to be promoted, including historical context
Minimum five relevant sources; must include some peer-reviewed scholarly sources
3. Organization and Professionalism
Does your proposal flow logically?
Is this well written?
Have you respected the guidelines?
Is this is a professional application package?
Suggested organization:
Introduction – overview of your project
Historical background/context:
Show that you know the general history of your topic
Provide appropriate contextual information (the current state of your topic, demographics,
local environment, etc.)
Names, names, and dates! Assume your reader knows little to nothing about your topic, so
you must provide enough information for them to understand the background info.
You should include foreign terms (not personal names) in italicized romanized script with
an English translation, ex.
Blitzkrieg (Lightning war).
Main proposal:
Introduce reasons why your topic should be promoted. Good to highlight contemporary
political context as evidence for project’s necessity.
Details of your plan to preserve/promote your topic (national holiday, monument, etc).
What you expect the person you are writing to will contribute (financial support, legal
support, heritage designation, media support, etc.)
Provide illustrations, maps, etc. as necessary
What kind of (imagined) professional qualifications do you have?
Evidence of past projects
Appendix – includes maps, charts, tables, photos, etc. Captions like the following are encouraged:
“Figure 1. Map of Soviet Union, dated 1923.”

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