Write about PET OWNERSHIP in the United States. The Pet industry is a $100 Billion industry in the U.S., and Americans are especially generous in their pet spending. Psychologically, there might be a large number of reasons that a person might desire to own a pet.

From the source uploaded (Marketing from the Perspective of Humanistic Psychology), explain the popularity of pets, or that provides the most interesting or useful or logically compelling perspective on pet ownership. Using this particular “lens” of Humanistic Psychology, “explain” why pets are so popular and how marketers might use these theories to sell more pets and pet care products. You can divide the paper into two sections; marketing on pets and marketing on pet care products.

In developing this argument, it would be desirable to include examples of advertisements that pet product companies have used to sell their products (link and refer to it)—and that appears to employ the perspective of humanistic psychology.

Please write the paper from the perspective of humanistic psychology.
Also when referring to an advertisement, please link it.

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