Minimum word count on the primary discussion is 700 words. Any fewer will not be graded.

For each essay, you are required to use clear and cited evidence from sources provided. Cite as follows:

Each textbook chapter,
at least one video,
one external source

Address the following questions in an essay (NOT as separate answers)

Community policing mandates that the police work with the community, rather than against it. But often, the operations and the actual employees do not reflect the communities being served.

How has discrimination affected police departments historically?
Which social group (in your opinion) has been most harmed by employment discrimination in law enforcement? Why do you think so?
Affirmative action is a controversial method of ending job discrimination.What have been some benefits? Disadvantages?
What is the PCR movement and has it been effective on the culture of police department? Why or why not? Provide and example of why or why not in your answer.
What, from the course materials might best best tackle discrimination in and by law enforcement and certain communities, like poor, urban, and often communities of color?

required sources-


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