Economics impacts of the specific event and recommendations on how one can assess them from a sustainability perspective

Event Chosen is Rio 2016 Olympics
*** No introductions of Rio 2016 Olympics is needed, please go straight into the economic and sustainability aspect of it.
*** APA 6th Edition
*** Sources used would require some from eBook and academic journals as well (not all from websites)
Measures that were taken to increase the GDP. (Statistics required)
How has it increased employment.
Look at multiplier effect.
How hosting of this event has contributed to the increase in the hotel or whatever business that is directly or indirectly affected in relate to this event.
*** Statistics is required, operating cost vs revenue stream.
than explain individually on the revenue stream.

Analyse the measures that were implemented and were they able to continue pass the event.
Measures implemented to stimulate the growth of the economy during the event, were the growth sustainable after the event if not why?

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