For this project, you will select a confusing grammar concept; create a survey to determine what your friends, family members, and colleagues do and do not understand about the concept; and develop a presentation to clarify common mistakes surrounding the grammar concept.

A. Part 1: Topic Selection and begin your research-

*The topic I chose is “How to use an Apostrophe”

B. Part 2: Survey

Develop a simple survey that will help you determine the following:

How do people define or explain the selected grammar concept?
How is it commonly used or misused?
What are some examples of incorrect usage?
Why are people confused about the concept?
What are some consequences of incorrect usage in education or the workplace?
Any other questions or topics that you think are interesting or relevant
C. Part 3: Presentation (Due at the end of Week 5)

Select one of the following formats for your grammar presentation, and use the appropriate tone and style for the intended audience:

PowerPoint or Prezi presentation
10–12 slides including speaker’s notes, with approximately 25 words per slide
Your audience is your classmates and your instructor.
1.5–2 pages, including introduction and conclusion
Your audience is your instructor.
Include the following in your presentation, as appropriate for your selected format:

Show your survey questions, and summarize the results of your survey.
Explain the rules and common misunderstandings about your grammar concept.
Demonstrate correct usage.
Briefly discuss the consequences for misuse of this grammar concept in academic or professional writing.
Use a minimum of 2 reputable resources to support your presentation. These may include articles, videos, tutorials, or any other valuable resource. Include an APA-formatted reference page or section.

Use a minimum of 2 images or graphics to illustrate your presentation.

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