Write 3-4 paragraph for each section

1. Think of the most exciting, most enjoyable, or weirdest place you have ever visited. What are the qualities and features that give the place its special character? Write a descriptive essay that will allow a reader to share your impressions of the place

2. Technology has changed our lives in many ways. Think of a development in technology, such as the widespread use of cellular phones or the availability of the Internet. Write an essay in which you explain the causes and effects of this development on our lives.

3. Explore an environmental issue, such as the destruction of the rain forest, global warming, or landfills. Write a cause-and-effect essay in which you explain how the problems surrounding this issue affect the environment and our lives.

4. Many people face obstacles that restrict and complicate their lives. For example, a person may not have a car, yet need to drive in order to keep a job. Choose a problem, and write an essay that presents a practical solution to the problem.

5. Imagine that you had the option of telling the U.S. government how your family’s tax dollars should be spent. Should the money go to education, national health care, or the military? Write a letter to your state representative explaining which option you would select and provide reasons supporting your choice.

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