First 100 pages must be read of ISHMAEL & preface and first two chapters of web of life.
only sources required are WEB OF LIFE by capra fritjof and ISHMAEL by daniel quinn

MUST Be 5 paragraphs compare and contrast – Powerpoints provided were provided by teacher please do not use quotes in the powerpoints provided

Option 1: Formalist Approach

A formalist approach will focus on analysis or interpretation of the formal aspects of the novel Ishmael (character, theme, symbolism, allegory, etc.). This essay deals with questions of form. Possible options include but are not limited to

Compare and contrast the views of Quinn as it relates to the other writers you’ve been working with such as Capra.
i.e. Shallow Ecology Paradigm and “Mother Culture”
i.e. Ecological Intelligence and the concept of “building awareness” in Ishmael
i.e. The overall concept from Brown that the world sits on the edge of potential collapse and how humans are responsible relates to the koan questions from the novel:
Without man will there be hope for gorilla?

Without gorilla will there be hope for man?

Relate the texts to the notion of a paradigm shift that is necessary
Discuss the novel Ishmael and the ways Quinn uses fiction to discuss “real world” problems. Is art (in this case literature) a valid means of confronting “problems of social significance”?

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