PART 2: Write About Your Art Museum Visit
Write a three to four-page paper that discusses your art museum visit and the individual artwork you selected to explore. Use notes from your visit and conduct scholarly research to inform your writing.
Respond to the following prompts in your paper:

Respond to the following prompts in your paper:
1. Describe your overall experience at the art museum.
• What museum did you visit?
• What collections were exhibited?
• What did you learn as you explored the art museum?
• What exhibitions or individual artworks were engaging to you and why?
2. Discuss your extended experience with your selected work of art.
• Identify your selected artwork (artist, title, date, media).
• What drew you to this artwork?
• How was the artwork made?
• What narrative, idea, or information is addressed in the artwork? How is it communicated?
• How did your discoveries, questions, and speculations about the artwork deepen and evolve as you spent more time exploring it?
3. Write about additional information that you learned about the artwork through scholarly research.
• When was the artwork made?
• How did it function in that time and place? In what ways is it important today?
• Answer two specific questions you noted about the artwork during your
museum visit using information you gained through scholarly research on the
artwork and its artist.
4. What is the importance of critical attention and patient investigation when exploring a
work of art?
• How can that experience be applied to your academic and professional life?

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