1. Summarize the general features of the police role, how this has changed over time and how these changes are reflected in the police image. Many police agencies currently train their officers to interview suspects in two main stages: (1) the interview, and (2) the interrogation. Explain these stages.

2. Discuss the debate surrounding false confessions and the recording of custodial interrogations. In your answer explain how someone could/would confess to a crime h/she didn’t commit, as well as what could be done to prevent false confessions. Do a little bit of internet searching and find an example. (Be sure to provide me with specific information regarding your source.)

3. How do polygraph exams work? Why are they not admissible in court? Are there other more accurate ways to detect deception? Explain.

4. Discuss some of the factors that may affect a person’s memory and their ability to identify a suspect.

5. What is eyewitness testimony? Analyze some of the strengths and weaknesses. What are some of the specific witness factors, as well as crime scene and suspect factors that may impact eyewitness testimony?

6. The Innocence Project reports a substantial number of cases in which DNA evidence exonerated someone after being convicted of a crime. In roughly three-quarters of these cases, the conviction was based on faulty eyewitness identification. Conduct your own research on a case example, outline the case, and tell me your thoughts on how the process could be (or could have been) improved.

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