Psychology and Law class –
5-6 page research paper in APA format that explores an issue related to psychology and law –
In Canada and the United States, the Reid Technique is the standard method used during police interrogations. In contrast, the United Kingdom uses the PEACE model to interview suspects. Describe the Reid and the PEACE methods in detail and explore how they may differ or be similar. Do you think the PEACE model differs in its risk of eliciting a false confession? Why or why not?

You should describe your research articles in detail and apply them to the research question. Begin with an introductory paragraph and thesis statement, then explore your literature in detail, and finish with a concluding paragraph.

The paper should be formal in tone. Avoid using the first person or casual voice and write in full sentences and paragraphs. You will be marked on overall coherence, organization and style.

Requires at least four peer-reviewed research articles from psychology – no plagiarism

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