Short Assignment
1. Assess your actions and attitudes and then list all nonverbal communication behaviors (100 words).
2. State what you feel is a comfortable personal space for you. Is it 12 inches or 3 feet? Please recall a time when your personal space was invaded and write about how you felt during the episode. How did you handle the situation (100 words)?
Critical Thinking Questions
In 100 words or less, describe a recent first-time meeting with a person and explain why the person made either a favorable or negative impression. Explain your reasoning. What did the person say or do that made you feel positive or negative?
1. In 100 words or less, discuss the quality and quantity of information presented to a hearing-impaired patient during a routine maintenance visit. Is it less than what you would provide for patients without that challenge? How can you compensate for the difference?
2. Visit the websites below and comment on some of the challenges of treating patients with dementia (2-3 paragraphs).
Web Visits and Activities
One in 10 persons over age 65 has some degree of dementia. With the baby-boomer generation aging, it is very likely that students will treat dementia patients in the dental office. For more information on how to talk to patients with dementia, visit the following websites:

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