Write an argumentative essay on How to beat covid 19

Introduction on the topic and where the debate stands and thesis
strong well-developed and arguable thesis statement
well developed claim, counterclaim, refutation
further developed counterclaim
evidence of ethos, pathos, logos
use of transitions
evidence of sources
in-text citations
summary, paraphrase, and direct quotes
properly formatted and alphabetized work cited page
an introduction focusing on the topic’s background, the arguments on both sides (for/against)surrounding it and where you stand (your thesis statement). Do not use the statements (I think, I feel, or I believe).
use of the bulleted thesis statement
3 paragraphs with one example of ethos (credibility), pathos (emotion), and logos (facts).
Each paragraph should have a source within it using in text citations and summary, paraphrase, and a direct quote
A 4th paragraph needs to have an opposition arguing against either ethos, pathos or logos with a direct quote, summary, or paraphrase.
introduce the paragraph with a transition word: On the other hand, or However,
A fifth paragraph needs to refute the opposing claim by re-establishing the merits of the argument’s claim.A sixth paragraph needs to conclude the whole argument by summing up the merits of the argument.
the paragraph needs to have a source as well using summary, paraphrase, and a direct quote.

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