Student should find and explore several reputable websites to help understand and differentiate between the various housing/living options available to seniors.

Based on findings from the website exploration, students should then create a table that describes in their own words the various levels of housing and care often utilized by seniors. Students should indicate what services are commonly provided or associated with each level of housing and limitations of each level, and should consider payment sources for the various settings.

In the table, students should address the following living/housing options: Skilled Nursing Care (Nursing Home), Transitional Care/Rehab facility, Memory Care (Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care), Assisted Living, Home Care / In-home Services, Adult Day Care, Senior Apartment/Retirement Community (Independent Living)

Students should then list 3 or more considerations elderly people like William and Edna need to think about before making a housing choice.

Students should also list 3 websites that provide information about senior housing options in different ways and could be used by seniors. Identify clear rationale for referring elderly clients to these websites.

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