Please make sure you elaborate the answers up to the point in 2-3 lines per answer depending upon the words.

-This week we are looking at the struggle for gender equality in Canada in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Specifically, we are looking at the emergence of a middle-class movement called the moral reform movement, which focused on trying to stabilize Canadian society and advance women’s rights using the notion of respectability. This week, pay special attention to the mechanisms of social change available to people in a given moment. The Moral Reform movement won important victories for women, these came at a cost for some women.

Discussion questions:

1. How were the Famous Five able to win their campaign to have women recognized as persons? What mechanisms did they use, and why were they successful?

2. Why was the Moral Reform movement dominated by middle-class women? What was the source of their influence?

3. How did the moral reform movement use race and class to advance its goals? Why were these levers so politically powerful?

4. Can you think of a modern day version of the moral reform movement? Does it use ideas of race and class to advance its goals?

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