The purpose of the this week’s discussion is to explore and analyze the experiences of Latinos in Oregon, particularly that of farmworker communities.

Please respond to the following questions:

What are the historical and socio-economic reasons that many US farmworkers tend to be Latino, and what are the challenges that these farmworkers specifically face in Oregon?
Utilizing specific examples, analyze the major differences between unions such as PCUN, hometown associations, and pan-indigenous organizations in terms of their roles for Mixtec workers, as discussed by Lynn Stephen’s article.
Cite examples from Lynn Stephen’s article to explain how the Mixtec experience differs from other Latino farmer workers.
Drawing upon concrete examples, compare how stereotypes of Latinos as “illegal immigrants” are similar or different to those involving people of color in general as criminals. How were these stereotypes evidenced in the case of Sergio Reyes and Edu Martinez in the Latino Victims Share Their Story in Eugene, Oregon video.

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