Malicious Network Activity Report: An eight- to 10-page double-spaced Word document with citations in APA format. The page count does not include figures, diagrams, tables, or citations.
Joint Network Defense Bulletin: A one- to two-page double-spaced document.

Student Name:
Project 2: Requires the Following THREE Pieces
1. Malicious Network Activity Report (Eight to 10 pages)
2. Joint Network Defense Bulletin
3. Lab Experience Report with Screenshots
1. Malicious Network Activity Report (Eight to 10 pages)
Create a Network Architecture Overview
Describe the various data transmission components including User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Internet packets IP Address Schemes Well-Known Ports and Applications
Address the meaning and relevance of:
The sender or source that transmits a message
The encoder used to code messages
The medium or channel that carries the message
The decoding mechanisms used
The receiver or destination of the messages
Intrusion detection system (IDS),
The intrusion prevention system (IPS)
The firewalls that have been established
The link between the operating systems, the software, and hardware components in the network, firewall, and IDS that make up the network defense implementation of the banks’ networks.
How banks use firewalls.
How banks use IDSs
The difference between these technologies
The network infrastructure information
The IP address schemes which will involve the IP addressing assignment model
The public and private addressing and address allocations
Identify potential risks in setting up the IP addressing scheme
Any well-known ports and applications that are used
The risks associated with those ports and applications being identified and possibly targeted
Identify Network Attacks
Provide techniques for monitoring the identified attacks
Propose and describe a honeypot environment to lure hackers to the network and include the following in your proposal:
Explain how a honeypot environment is set up.
Explain the security and protection mechanisms a bank would need for a honeypot.
Discuss some network traffic indicators that will tell you that your honeypot trap is working.
Identify False Negatives and False Positives
Identify what are false positives and false negatives
Discuss how false positives and false negatives are determined?
Discuss how false positives and false negatives tested?
Which is riskier to the health of the network, a false positive or a false negative?
Describe your analysis about testing for false negatives and false positives using tools such as IDSes and firewalls,
Discuss the concept of performing statistical analysis of false positives and false negatives.
Explain how banks can reduce these issues.
*****1. Malicious Network Activity Report Feedback*****
2. Joint Network Defense Bulletin
Create the Joint Network Defense Bulletin
Compile the information you have gathered, taking care to eliminate any sensitive bank specific information
Bulletin should be addressed to the FBI Chief and the FS-ISAC representative.

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