Research Project

In addition to the learning outcomes for the course, ASUN expects students to be able to express ideas, knowledge, and concepts in a clear and concise manner on a collegiate level and to be able to apply reasoning skills as demonstrated by problem-solving and utilization of applied knowledge.

Complete a research project that demonstrates your understanding of the micro economic functioning of the U. S. economy. Present your research in a report formatted in APA style, and a minimum of 3 references sited

The elements of your presentation are as follows:

  1. Research and read reliable economic journals or papers over the two events and the impact of institutions, public policies, and regulations during these timeframes. (One event can be the 2007-2008 U.S. Recession and the other can be your choice) or (you can use two different president terms.)
    • Comparison of Events: What was the extent of economic decline in each of the two events? Discuss in terms of GDP, unemployment, and other major economic variables. (Graphs are good)
    • Government Reactions: Compare changes in the government reactions to the initial shocks to the economy and the initial adjustments to the regulation of business and financial institutions.
    • Effects on Business Decision Making: Compare the effects of the shocks on the economy to business decision making in the public sphere during the relevant time periods. (Graphs are good) What did the economy look like?
  1. Analyze the influences of changing economic conditions on economic thinking historically and today.
    • Discuss some of the Strategic behaviors of companies during these time periods?
    • What were some of the limitations or successes during these time periods?
  1. Discuss the role of economic thinking in the nature of businesses?
  2. Describe how using economics can help make better policy choices?

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