Essay Question: Explain the anthropological concept of “culture.” Explain how
anthropologists study, analyze, collect data on “culture.”
Your exam answers must be in an essay format with a word count of between 500-750
words. Your answer must use a minimum of two readings from the Module One. You
must properly cited your essay (which citation practice is up to the student.)
Required readings for Module One (which you must use a minimum of two different
readings in your essay.)
1) Stuart Hall (2002) “The Work of Representation” from Representation: Cultural
Representations and Signifying Practices
2) Donald Palmer (1997) “Ferdinand de Saussure” from Structuralism and
Poststructuralism For Beginners
3) David M. Schneider (1980) “Introduction” and “Conclusion” from American Kinship: A
Cultural Account

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