Answer these questions an opinion format please, DO NOT USE ANY SOURCE.And I’m not against anything.
1)American Medical Association has officially stated the the risks of smoking marijuana out weigh any medical benefit. Should medical use of marijuana be legal? Should recreational use of marijuana be permitted and how should it be managed? Who stands to benefit if such laws are passed?

2)You are facilitating a discussion group that includes individuals from the community. During the break one of the group members pulls you aside and tells you they were offended and frightened by the comments and posture of a man who stood up and gave his opinion. You can tell that the person who pulled you aside is truly upset. As facilitator you recognize that the young man who spoke up spoke passionately and used language that might be considered mildly offensive to some. How might you address this issue? What constitutes free speech and when are words and mannerisms rude, belligerent or hateful?

3)What are your views on gender identity? Donald Trump wants to ban transgender individuals from serving in the armed forces. You think that North Carolina is the only state to have “Bathroom Bills?” Look at this list from Wikipedia: Bathroom bill. How about your views on same sex marriage? Please remember to back up your argument with credible sources.

4)You are working in a clinic that provides counseling for mental and chemical health issues. Most of the clients in your clinic have insurance or medical assistance. There are times when the payer (insurance company or providing agency) will want to get progress reports from the provider. The payer uses this information to decide whether or not to continue funding. How much information does the insurance company have a right to obtain? How much privacy does the individual have? Should the provider have the sole right to determine if their client still needs treatment?

5)You have been counseling a young woman for the last couple of months. She has been in an abusive relationship and that is the reason she has been coming to see you. The woman was using drugs but has been clean and sober for over six months. Her boyfriend is still using. When you meet she tells you that she just found out she is pregnant. She does not know what to do. What do you say to her? How would you help her figure out what is best for her? Would your own feelings on abortion interfere with your ability to be objective?

6)Your best friend of many years has been suffering from brain cancer for almost a year. You have been there to witness his/her suffering. She/he calls you and says that the doctor said that all treatments have been exhausted and that it is just a matter of a few months and that he/she will probably be in a vegetative state for the last 1-2 months. If this friend asked you to assist them in taking their life what would you say? Is there a time when it is acceptable to choose when it is our time to go? What would you say?

7)What is your opinion on Affirmative Action?

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