The Constitution lies at the heart of both America’s historical greatness and its uniqueness. The writing and ratification of the U.S. Constitution became a significant moment in Western civilization. In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to identify and explain the main principles in the Constitution.
Your paper must address the following 3 questions:
1) What are the main principles in the US Constitution? Explain and discuss each principle fully.
2) How do the principles relate to each other?
3) What are the goals of these principles?

-The paper includes title page and 3 full pages of content.
-The reference page contains at least 5 complete, properly formatted citations for all support utilized.
-The paper follows current Turabian format guidelines.
-The paper is written in 12-pt. font, Times Roman, double-spaced and 1” margins.
-The work is original, giving credit to all borrowed ideas and quotations.

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