A position paper presents one side of an arguable opinion about an issue. The goal of a position paper is to convince the audience that your analysis is valid and defensible. Ideas that you are considering need to be carefully examined in choosing a topic, developing your argument, and organizing your essay. Your job is to make an argument and persuade your audience that you have well-founded knowledge of the topic being presented. This is where you use your sources to support your position.

The rest of your sources:
• Peer-reviewed journal articles (academic journals).
• A relevant book source if possible, as one of source
• At least two sources must have been published in 2015 or after.
• One relevant government publication will count as one of the 5 required sources.
• Your research will benefit by checking the bibliographies of the mandatory articles and any sources you are looking at for relevant articles.
• ** Additional sources such as “news” or media (MacLean’s, Windspeaker, Eagle Feather News etc.) are supplementary/additional sources only – they will not count as part of the five sources.
• ** You may quote from Wikipedia, encyclopedias, dictionary sources or news articles/magazines but they will not count as an official source

**Your essay should be an analysis of the research you have gathered, not simply a description or recounting of the sources. Remember to reference via footnote or endnotes and in the bibliography any works that you borrow ideas or quotes from.

• This assignment must be 6 pages minimum – 8 pages maximum, double-spaced in standard 12-size font, Times Roman only, with “Normal” margins.

** Very important: The length requirement does NOT include cover page, footnote spacing or bibliography.
• A good way to check the length of your completed essay is make sure you have saved it and then do a copy/paste of your essay into a new document. In the new document delete the footnote or endnotes, cover page and bibliography. Then check the length.
• Please ensure all pages are numbered (the first one does not have to be).
• COVER PAGE: required with appropriate title, class name, your name, student number, instructor name, and date submitted. Ensure your title is original and emphasizes what resonated with you about your topic.
• All Indigenous Studies essays require the use of Chicago Style referencing. Therefore, both endnotes (or footnotes) and a separate bibliography page is required. Be sure to use Arabic numbering only. If you are unfamiliar with Chicago Style, be sure to consult the recommended Style Guide (or one approved by instructor).
All assignments must be submitted as a Single Document in Microsoft Word format only.
Save your document as below- no symbols, underscore, numbers hyphens etc
Last Name Initial Research Essay

The Importance of Treaty-Education in Canadian Schools Today.
(This is the topic: provide your own title reflecting the main argument of your essay)

Position: Signing the Numbered Treaties took place in Canada in the mid to late 1800s. Promises were made regarding education. In order to understand the consequences of promises made and the promise broken, treaty-education must take place in all Canadian schools. This understanding is crucial before we can move forward with the reconciliation process.

Use your research sources to support this position. This is where the authors you chose talk to each other in supporting the above position.

Mandatory Article (You need 4 more academic sources see Further Information below)
Tupper, Jennifer. “The Possibilities for Reconciliation Through Difficult Dialogues: Treaty
Education as Peacebuilding, Curriculum Inquiry, 44, no.4 (2014).

Essay Format
a)Provide a brief overview of the issue (General)
b) Include a thesis statement to clarify your position (Specifics)

The Body
This is where you provide the information from the authors of the mandatory article and the 4 sources you chose. Your opinion does not belong here – see Conclusion
Use the following as a guide to provide a framework for your essay
1.What? What promises were made about education during treaty making?
2. What is treaty-education? What is the current state of treaty-education in Canada?
3. Where? Where is treaty-education taking place – where is it not taking place? Why is this significant?
4. When? When did treaty-education in schools begin? What is the consequence of this time frame?
5. Why? Why is treaty-education important as a tool in working towards reconciliation?

Repeat your thesis statement
Briefly describe the main arguments
Add your opinion here. Have your ideas changed or not since you began this essay? Why or why not?
What do you suggest for future research?

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