• You are to type your answers directly into this document.
• Use complete sentences. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. matter. Use spell check and proofread your work before submission.
• Your exam is to be objective. Only provide personal perspectives and/or opinions when specified in the question. Opinion based exam responses will earn zero points for that question (unless use of opinion is specified in the question).

Answer the following in two or three sentences.

1. Describe and discuss three reasons why someone stalks serially. (6 points)

2. Define serial rape. (4 points)

3. What is the “graduation hypothesis”? (4 points)

4. Describe and discuss three things that make it challenging to police stalking. (6 points)

Answer all of the following questions. Consider content over length. Answer each question as thoroughly and completely as possible.

5. Though we don’t 100% know what makes a rapist, explain what “makes” a serial rapist. (10 points)

6. Describe:
a. Who are you more likely to be stalked by: a stranger or someone you know? Why?
b. Who is more likely to be stalked: men or women? Why? (10 points)

7. What is MUTI murder and what is the purpose of MUTI murder? (10 points)

8. What are the most powerful parts in a MUTI murder? What makes those parts EVEN MORE powerful? (10 points)

9. Describe the motive and MO for the power reassurance rape typology. (5 points)

10. Describe the motive and MO for the power assertive rape typology. (5 points)

11. Describe the rapist characteristics for the anger retaliatory and anger excitation (sadistic) rape typologies. (10 points)

12. Describe the simple obsessional and love obsessional stalker typologies. (10 points)

13. Describe the characteristics of MUTI murder and MUTI murderers (who is the client, the traditional healer, the victim, the murderer). (10 points)

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