The purpose of this assignment is aimed at describing the common qualitative research approaches in inquiry. Researchers bring their own worldviews, paradigm, or sets of beliefs to the researcher project, and these inform the conduct and writing the qualitative study. What these approaches all have in common is that they approach research questions holistically and with a focus on human experience and the ways that people create meaning in their lives. The approaches / types in Qualitative inquiry are:

a) Narrative Research
b) Phenomenological Research
c) Grounded Theory
d) Ethnographic Research
e) Case Study Research

In a group of (2s or 3s) you are required to complete section A

Section A
Select TWO (2) of the five approaches and write a brief description of the approach, including a definition, and the procedures associated with the approach. Include references to the literature. You may discuss some of the major challenges in conducting the chosen approaches. Your description must not less than 500words for each approach.

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