Please answer the following questions to your best knowledge .
Please number all answers to each questions.

  1. Discuss the New Deal, why was it created, what were some of its programs, how did it change America?
  2. How did the Vietnam War change American society?  What new trends developed? Discuss some of the important events (Gulf of Tonkin Incident, Tet offensive, Kent State, Draft Protests, 1968 DNC, Summer of Love, Woodstock.  These are just some of the events, you do not have to tackle all of them) and how they shaped or exemplified the period.
  3. Discuss the war on drugs.  Why did it begin, how has it been carried out, what have been its long term effects?
  4. Discuss various moves towards equality in the last century, what has been accomplished, how did changes come about and what is left to be done?
  5. How has the US, and world more broadly, changed since September Eleventh 2001?

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