Assignment 3: Strategic Prospecting

In this sales activity you will be building and demonstrating your sales knowledge through:

Coaching a new sales member by educating them on some fundamental elements of Sales
Demonstrating your strategic selling and critical thinking skills by developing a well thought out sales strategy for a give scenario.
You will be submitting through a canvas a professional looking written document that answers all questions in part 1 and address all prompts in part 2.

The activity is worth 25 points. Points will be awarded on completion (10%), thoroughness/thoughtfulness in each response (60%), accuracy based on your readings (30%)

Part 1: Demonstrate your selling knowledge (14 points):

Scenario: You have just received an e-mail from your sales trainee they are motivated to learn and need your guidance to help them better understand the sales prospecting process. Your goal is to thoroughly address each of their questions.

Why is prospecting an important activity for salespeople?
What are the objectives of strategic prospecting?
Why is prospecting difficult for some salespeople?
What are the disadvantages of cold canvassing prospecting methods?
What are the basic criteria used to qualify leads as sales prospects?
What approaches can be used to prioritize sales prospects?
What are the major components of a strategic prospecting plan?

Part 2: Apply your knowledge through the following Sales Scenario (11 points):

You have been hired as a consultant by a new company to develop a strategic prospecting strategy. The company brews and bottles a specialty tea beverage. The tea is rich in vitamins, anti-aging nutrients, and natural anti-carcinogens. The tea is expensive to brew and has a suggested retail price of $3.00 per 16 oz. bottle. The company is located in your town. It can produce 5,000 bottles per day and does not sell the tea directly to consumers.

The strategic prospecting strategy should include:

How leads will be generated
How leads will be qualified
How sales prospects will be prioritized
How information to prepare for sales dialogue will be obtained
How the strategic prospecting strategy will be tracked and evaluated

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