1. Task Description
The concept of the “collection” is evolving with the advancement of information and technology. In addition to the collection of traditional print or physical materials, libraries or information resource centers are exploring new ways to provide their users with access to contents. In this assignment, you are asked to consider further concept of the “collection” in the internet age and where it may be heading in the future.
2. Essay Contents
You can include, but not limited to the followings in your essay:
• What will compose the idea of the collection in libraries or information agencies in
the forthcoming years
• How should the libraries or institutions meet with the needs of their users
• How should the management of “collection” be evolved
• What are the drives of the evolution
• What are the threats and opportunities
• What are the challenges or concerns
• What will be the trends of collection management

3. Length & Citation
i. 2,000 words (+/- 10%), excluding abstract, references and appendices
ii. You should list all your sources in the APA referencing style and format
4. Marking Criteria
i. Formulation of the topic and originality
ii. Organization and relevancy of the contents
iii. Application and analysis of the concepts/issues
iv. Use of language, referencing and presentation

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