Assignment 5 – [Using and Evaluating E-collaboration Tools]


This assignment will allow you and your existing final project team to use and evaluate three different e-collaboration tools available in the market.

Create a document that answers the following questions in 750 to 1250 words:

  1. What is the difference between disruptive and sustaining technologies?
  1. Are E-collaboration Tools such as the ones you tested disruptive or sustaining technologies (tested Slack, Google Docs, and Office 365 Teams)? Why?
  2. How are these tools part of Business 2.0?
  3. Which e-collaboration tools have you used in the past (I’ve used Google Docs, Office 365 Teams)? How have you used them (work and school)
  4. Rank the three tools you used in order of preference and explain your rankings.

1st Google Doc

2nd Office 365 Teams

3rd Slack

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