Assignment 5: Population, Urbanization, and Social Change
• Examine urbanization, evolution of various cities, and growth in population in the United States and the world
• Analyze the history and theories of population growth and demographics
• Explain the process of social change
• Examine the effects of growth and technology on social interactions and the environment
Assignment Overview
For this assignment, you will create a podcast script in which you address various issues associated with population, urbanization, and social change in America. You will inform your audience about public issues associated with your podcast topics. A podcast is a digitally accessible audio file typically recorded in a first-person, narrative format similar to a radio show with a conversational tone. If you are unfamiliar with podcasting, a simple web search will generate a wide variety of samples to review. For this assignment, you will not record a podcast. Rather, you will submit a type-written script representative of what you would say in a podcast of your own according to the assignment guidelines.

In this assignment, you will explore population, urbanization, and social change in a written podcast script containing four segments. The podcast script requirements are provided here:
• Introduction
o Begin with an introduction that includes your name and a brief explanation of the content in your podcast
• Podcast Segment 1: Population and Urbanization
o Define urbanization.
o Discuss urban sprawl and other common urban problems.
o Discuss the origin of cities, their development, and the dynamics of urban development.
o Explain the anti-Malthusian perspectives on population growth.
o Analyze events in history that have caused changes in society.
• Podcast Segment 2: Social Change
o Discuss the theories of social change.
o Describe social change as a process.
o Analyze the effects of technology on social interactions.
o Analyze the effects of growth and progress on the environment.
• Summary
o Conclude your podcast with a summary of the content.

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