This exam is written to cover American history from the Great Depression to the present. Write five pages each on two of the following questions. You choose one essay, but the other must come from your reading. Remember that these are your essays reflecting your own, unique perspective on the history of the United States since 1929.

5 Page Essay On One Of These Topics:
-Describe the 1930’s in the United States. How drastic were both urban and rural conditions during the Great Depression and/or Dust Bowl?

-Discuss the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as New Deal Champion during the 1930’s and “Soldier of Freedom” -during the 1940’s.

-Write a thoughtful essay on World War II and its historical significance.

-Describe the development and growth of the Cold War. What is the difference between a Cold War and Hot War? Which is better?

-Discuss the 1950’s in America. Do you feel those years were as “innocent” as some have described?

-The 1960’s became a watershed decade in the nation’s history. Write an essay on key individuals and/or events that reflected the changes taking place in the United States.

-Describe any decade from the 1970’s to the present. In your opinion, what opportunities or challenges do we face in the years ahead?

-How has advanced communication and the media changed our views of modern American history?

5 Page Required Essay:

Please discuss Audie Murphy’s To Hell and Back. What is the author saying about his experiences during World War II?

If you use any sources for in-text citation make sure to include a works cited page.

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