Your Term paper for this class will require you to research the following question:
“Should the “victimless crime” of prostitution between consenting adults be free from governmental interference?”
Your paper must meet the following requirements to receive credit:
1. Minimum of ten (10) pages in length
2. Must include a works cited page or in-text citations in APA or MLA format
3. Must include a cover pager with your name, this class title and my name as your professor
4. The works cited and cover page do NOT count towards the page total
5. The paper must have 1 inch margins and be of a 12 point font
Research Requirements
1. Research from 8 outside documented and properly cited sources
2. The paper must have a Thesis and be able to answer the term paper topic
3. The paper must be genuine. This paper will be scanned for plagiarism by our software. ANY undocumented cutting and pasting of sources, or the usage of online assistance writing programs will result in a grade of “F” for this class and possible suspension from the college.
Research Guidelines
1. The paper must address the history of this topic
2. The paper must acknowledge the position of opinions contrary to your own, and address them
3. The paper must discuss legislation passed in at least three (3) U.S. jurisdictions pertaining to the effects of legalizing or criminalizing prostitution.
4. The paper should discuss at least three (3) examples of victimless crime in the above context (such as phone sex, escort services, etc.)
5. The paper should illustrate an opinion by the writer, as to what U.S. law should be concerning prostitution.
6. The paper should discuss the potential harms and benefits of legalizing or criminalizing prostitution.
7. The paper should discuss any new trends in criminalization or legalization of prostitution AND what the real societal effects have been.

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