Activity 1: Advocating for community health promotion needs

Teams work together to decide how to advocate for community health promotion based on the communities they selected for their projects. Focus on the community and needs identified in the assessment. Who are the stakeholders? How does the advocate focus on the needs while including the stakeholders?

Read Promoting Health: Advocacy Guide for Health Professionals

Investigate: What is a Health Advocate and what do they do?

Study: National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Code of Ethics

Activity 2: Advocacy Plan

Use the 10 step Advocacy Framework in the Advocacy guide to develop a plan for a healthcare issue:

Taking action
Selecting your issue
Understanding your political context
Building your evidence base
Engaging others;
Elaborating strategic plans
Communicating messages and implementing plans
Seizing opportunities
Being accountable
Catalysing health development
Activity 3: Project Assignment: Time to put it all together


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