Multimodality Presentation (30% ) (1400 words + or – 10%)

There are two parts to this assignment.
Multimodal text: Create a multimodal text, in the form of a poster, which is based on a children’s picture book:
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
This poster needs to have the title of the picture book, the author and illustrator, and any images and text that convey some of the key aspects of the story and characters.
2.Written explanation:
Here you will explain what your multimodal text is trying to convey and the multimodal devices you used to create the effect you wanted.

Explain what you have created and what the purpose of this written text is.
Introduce your picture book (title, author and synopsis of story plot).
Explain the meaning of the term semiotic.
Introduce and explain the five semiotic systems (visual, linguistic, spatial, gestural and audio). Identify which semiotic systems you have used in your poster and explain the elements of each of these (N.B. audio cannot be represented as a 2 D poster cannot produce sound – however you can represent sound through the visual system by use of text or images).
Provide a detailed analysis of how the semiotic systems in your multimodal text (poster) interact to construct meaning.

How to present your work:

Embed your poster into a Word document and add your written section below this.
You may like to add annotations to your poster (e.g. text box with arrows pointing to the section you are referring to)
Give your work a title
Add a reference list at the end
Number your pages
Put your name and student ID in the header or footer

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