Part 1: Describe a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy that your organization used (or organization you have previously worked in) that lead to failure or did not work well. Theorize one factor that the administration did not consider that likely led to the failure.
Post should be about 400 words with supporting research, logically developed, informative and with academic style.

Part 2:
Research proposal is different than part 1 prompt.
For your CST project, discuss how your proposal will implement the eight principles of evidence-based intervention (Hurley & Hanley, pg. 101-105,) and summarize one research article that supports your proposal.
Describe the 8 principles of evidence-based interventions.
Explain the steps that need to be taken to implement an evidence-based program or policy in a correctional agency.
Your paper should be about 1700 words (7 pages).

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