Write a 4 page essay in which you critique and/or analyze Pratt’s idea of a classroom. Basically, I want you to say something smart and revealing about Pratt’s ideas and essay. What that smart thing is is up to you. You can write about how correct you think she is, attack her position, or anything in between. You can look at how she makes her argument, the substance of the argument, or some combination. You can use personal experience to back up your positions, but be sure to use it in a smart and sophisticated way (look at the way Pratt herself uses personal experience in her essay). You might also want to come up with your own metaphor for how a classroom does or should work in order to show what Pratt is leaving out or to show how accurate she is.

Essentially, analyze some aspect of Pratt’s ideas or essay and put your central claim in the form of a thesis.

If you get stuck, answer this question: What part of Pratt’s ideas about teaching and learning do you agree or disagree with? Why or why not?

Along the way you will need to analyze how a college classroom functions or should function. Think about the role of the professor, the students, and how they interact. Think about the goals and methods of this interaction. Remember to be as specific as possible in your ideas and your examples.

Make at least one substantive reference back to Freire’s essay or ideas.

Underline or highlight your thesis sentence.

The expectation is that you will have to use your first draft as a bank of ideas from which to draw and that there will have to be substantial rewriting. By the way, a “critique” (according to Merriam Webster) involves “exercising or involving careful judgment or judicious evaluation.”

Please submit your essay as an attachment in the .doc or .rtf format.

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